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Iain Thomson was born in Aberdeen on 11th June 1946, though he's lived nearly all his life in Surrey. After the usual schooling accompanied by the usual spate of school bands, Thump went to Kingston Polytechnic to do a degree in Sociology. He became Social Secretary and soon became friends with John Dummer who was, at that time, pop correspondent for the local paper. Thump booked John's Blues Band for the college rag week, they needed a bass player and, when Thump offered his services, they took him on. When John Dummer finally left the group the band changed their name to The Dogs and continued with the same line-up, albeit with a different drummer for nearly a year. After The Dogs, Thump joined the Jivebombers (featuring Jona Lewie on piano) while at the same time putting in some gigs with Rocky Sharpe. He played their last three dates with them and consequently went on to join DARTS.

Thump was Darts' one and only bass player. He was also responsible for writing some great songs. 'Bones' (with Horace), 'DIY Heartache', 'Honey Bee', 'Make It', 'Shotgun' (with Den) and 'Too Hot In The Kitchen' were all written by Thump.

Today Thump lives in Shepperton with his wife Wendy. They have two children and two grandchildren. Thump is now a published author, having written about a dozen books (all non-fiction glossy coffee table books). Four of them are on the architect Frank Lloyd Wright who has become a bit of a hero of Thumps.

Fortunately Thump hasn't turned his back on music and still plays the bass. He says "...a friend of mine is the trumpet player and MD for Herbaliser (a pretty successful hip-hop outfit) and he wanted to get a band together for a girl singer he knew. We got a load of pro musicians who wanted to play r'n'b stuff for fun when they weren't working on their money-earning gigs. We put together 'Sugar T and The Swells' (2 sax, trumpet, piano, drums, keyboard, guitar and bass with Sugar T herself). The band is a lot of fun to play in and our repertoire includes stuff by Wynonie Harris, Little Esther, The Four Jacks, Roy Brown - that sort of thing! We play pubs and clubs and have a ball."