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In 1966 Rob joined Mud as lead guitarist. After a couple of failed singles, they developed a reputation as an excellent live act, and eventually had the good fortune to be spotted by producer Mickie Most,

who recommended them to his proteges Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Under their guidance, Rob and the band scored a succession of top 10 hits, including Tiger Feet', ' Lonely This Christmas' and 'The Cat Crept In'.

The image of Chinn / Chapman is one of assembly-line producers of manufactured music. However, Mud was an accomplished band with a lot of creative input into their records. Rob recalls "At the very beginning of Mud, I just used to write B-sides and stuff like that, but I've always been into the production side of things. I've always been good at harmonies. Where there were harmony things I'd work them all out at home and I'd multitrack guitars and stuff for a lot of the solos on the early Mud records".

Mud 1979
Rob Davis, Les Gray, Dave Mount & Ray Stiles

In the late 70s, the hits dried up for Mud, so Rob took up the offer of a slot with Darts when guitarist George Currie left. Rob says "Mud's recording career wasn't happening too much in the late 70s, and I joined Darts because they were going to the States for two tours. I thought I've got to do this, because I'll never go otherwise! Life in a band can be a lot of fun. I've talked to DJ mates of mine who go all around the world, but I don't think they experience the sort of fun that we had, touring in the back of a van, going all over the continent'.

When Rob left Darts in 1982 he set to writing and recording in his home studio in Surrey, initially with his own performing career in mind. "In the early 80s, after Darts, I planned to do a Hall & Oates-style project with Stan Alexander. I had the basic studio here and he used to come down, and we just did lots of writing. To start with we were visualising us being the act, but then we did one sort of dancey tune that became a hit in America for Liquid Gold, and that paved the way for more writing".

Throughout the 80s Rob kept his hand in, continuing to write and taking on occasional production jobs. As dance music swept the nation in the late 80s, Rob noticed that most of the biggest floor-fillers at raves and night-clubs were lengthy instrumentals, lacking the structure or the vocal hooks that could get them radio play and allow them to cross over into the pop charts. He became convinced that there was a gap in the market. Rob first met superstar DJ Paul Okenfield in 1988 which marked the beginning of their long-term collaboration and, Rob's new career as a songwriter specialising in 'top lines' for dance anthems.

Rob has become one of the first-call songwriters and producers for Britain's biggest pop stars. With Cathy Dennis, he wrote and produced

Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', a colossal hit that was number one in more than 20 countries world-wide. The track was almost entirely recorded at his home studio (a converted garage) where even Kylie's vocals were laid down! He has written for and produced a huge number of top artists including Atomic Kitten, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Tom Jones.