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Mike was an original member of the band 'The Greatest Show On Earth', which was formed in 1968 by brothers Garth and Norman Watt-Roy. The latter went on to form Ian Dury's backing band, The Blockheads.
The group's mixture of R&B, soul, jazz and prog-rock brought them to the attention of EMI's progressive label, Harvest Records, who signed them in February 1970. They released a handful of singles and two albums, none of which proved commercially successful. This however does not reflect the acclaim they received for their live performances, which were much in demand. A track from their 'The Going's Easy' album (released in September 1970) called 'Magic Woman Touch' was later released as a single by The Hollies. The lack of chart success contributed to band splitting in mid 1971.
Mike went on to perform with 'Juicy Lucy' before joining the blues-rock group 'Vinegar Joe' in September 1972, taking over keyboards from John Hawken.
The Greatest Show On Earth
featuring Mike Deacon

The band consisted of Robert Palmer (vocals), Elkie Brooks (vocals), Pete Gage (guitar), Mike Deacon (keyboards), Steve York (bass) and Pete Gavin (drums). Signed to Island Records in 1972, they released the album 'Vinegar Joe' but, like their subsequent effort, it failed to chart. Again, after much live acclaim, particularly in Europe, but due to poor sales for two albums ('Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies' and 'Six-Star General') Vinegar Joe played their last UK gig at St Paul's College in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in March 1974. This was followed by a two-week tour of Yugoslavia and, upon their return, they disbanded.

Mike with Vinegar Joe

Mike joined Suzi Quatro's band and appears on much of her recorded material on Mickie Most's RAK label between 1975 and 1979.

Mike joined Darts in 1979, left temporarily when Hammy Howell re-joined for what was to be his final stint with the band. Mike re-joined upon Hammy's departure and stayed with Darts until 1981. Mike features on the Dart Attack album.

In 1981 Mike joined Roy Wood's band 'Helicopters'. They produced just two singles - 'Rock City' (on the Cheapskate label) and 'Green Glass Window' (EMI) however the band was only used for live work with all instruments on the singles played by Roy himself.

In 1983 Mike was asked to play keyboards with Essex-based band 'Roman Holiday'. Managed by former Darts vocalist, Bob Fish, they went on to have three top 100 chart hits on Jive Records, including their number 14 hit 'Don't Try To Stop'.

Mike is a well-respected musician and has recorded with a host of top name artists including John Entwistle, Ginger Baker, Dr. Feelgood and Kiki Dee.

Paul Robbins, Mike Deacon, Roy Wood,
Jon Camp, Kex Gorin