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Born Nigel Trubridge on 15th January 1957, Horace was the baby of the band. His first contact with music took place at the age of 10 with the advent of official clarinet lessons. Having always wanted to play jazz though, he formed his own jazz band while still at school and, by the age of 14, was playing in professional jazz bands around the Brighton area including the Adur Valley Jazz Band which featured Ken Colyer and, on occasion, Pat Halcox. He also joined the West Sussex Youth Orchestra and auditioned for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra which he decided against joining. At 16 he took up the saxophone - there being no money in clarinet playing - and joined a group called Arb. From there he joined a band called Zoo, and finally Rocky Sharpe.

Horace remained with Darts until they decided to call it a day in 1985. He was a prolific songwriter, penning the following songs for the group:

Bones (with Thump)
Don't Say Yes
Get It ( No. 10 in 1979)
I've Got To Have My Way
Let Rip With The Lip (with George)
Messing Shoe Blues
Smooch With The Mooch
The Great Colapso
The Mystery Of Ragoula

At or around the time Darts folded, Horace was working with two other bands. One, called Hitlist, was signed to Virgin Records and had a top 40 hit with "Into the Fire". The other, called Lovely Money, was a band that had been put together with Horace's then girl friend (now wife) Tracey Perry (who stared alongside Horace in the Musical Yakety Yak). Lovely Money recorded a series of sessions for the BBC and gigged extensively around the UK including both the Glastonbury and Greenwich festivals. At the same time Horace was working extensively as a session musician.

Horace takes up the story..."Tracey and I eventually gave up the band and settled into having kids. We have two daughters and a son now, and live in total domestic bliss in the heart of the Sussex countryside. My eldest, Lana, graduated from Manchester Metro University in 2003 and currently lives in London. In 1986, I started work for Hackney Council as a Music Development Officer and enjoyed 4 years promoting North London bands and performers. During this time I released a number of records on the HAMMA label - all local acts - and had records of the week in the NME, Melody Maker and Music Week. I was also seconded by the ICA to relaunch their Rock Weeks. I promoted all manner of bands at the ICA including The Stone Roses (only their second London show). At this time I was also speaking at Musicians Union seminars. In 1990 the Musicians' Union offered me the post of Music Business Advisor which I accepted. In 1997 I was promoted to London Official and I now negotiate on behalf of all full time musicians in Opera/Ballet companies Orchestras and West End shows".