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Born on14th January 1950 and brought up in Dundee until the age of 5, George spent his early life on the move between Scotland and England with the result that his school life was more than erratic - from the ages of 13-16 he spent precisely 3 months at school. Although his musical tastes were initially leaned towards opera, by the age of 12 he decided to take up the guitar and by 14 was playing professionally (whilst still supposedly at school) and earning a reasonable living playing in bands. He even managed to secure a song writing deal with Southern Music at the age of 17. After a period of travel which brought him into contact with other musical influences, George got into session work and, after answering an advertisement on Charlie Gillett's Honkey Tonk programme, joined the John Dummer Blues Band. Through Thump Thomson who had played with both John Dummer and Rocky Sharpe, George was invited to join the metamorphosing DARTS.

Whilst with the band, George wrote 'Don't Let It Fade Away', 'Goodbye Brenda', the cracking instrumental 'Naff Off' (which was the B Side to 'Come Back My Love') and 'Let Rip With The Lip' (with Horace).

George left Darts in 1980 and moved back to Scotland, where he spent most of his time climbing Munro's Hills (over 3000 ft) and doing the occasional gig. He moved to the country north of Dundee in 1985 where he still lives with his partner and son. He taught guitar from home and wrote music transcriptions of solos for a variety of instruments (including the guitar and vibes) for private clients. For the past 5 years he has been teaching at Dundee College and still does some private tutoring, transcriptions and playing live.

George's hobbies include hill walking, genealogy, reading , local history and archaeology (mainly Neolithic), The Simpsons and film.